2021 All for Climate UK fund

If you are part of a movement working for climate justice in the UK, we can cover your expenses for printing materials (posters, stickers, leaflets, ...)

What is it?

It's a £30k fund that anyone can tap into for printing materials to raise awareness for the climate emergency in the UK that ran its course in 2021.

The following is an archive of the description of the fund, how it worked, etc.

It was an easy way to get funding for your local group. No application process, no reporting. Grassroots groups just had to file their eligible expense with a social proof and that's it. It's magic 💫

How does it work?

  • You print stickers, flyers, posters, leaflets, pin badges, banners at any printshop in the UK

  • You take a picture of the receipt or you ask the vendor to directly file the invoice to the AllForClimate-UK collective

  • You share on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) a picture of the printed material with the hashtag #allforclimate from the social media account of your group (it has to have at least 50 followers or likes)

  • You share the URL of that social media post as a comment to your expense along with a link for other people to download the source file of what you printed (so that others can copy and adapt!)

  • You will be reimbursed via your PayPal account (or the vendor will be paid via their bank account)

Look at the previous expenses submitted for some examples 👀


  • You are a grassroots group for climate justice based in the UK (you don't have a legal entity)

  • Your social media accounts must have at least 50 followers / subscribers (social proof).

  • You must provide a valid receipt or expense dated in the past 2 weeks.

  • You must agree with Our Principles & Values

  • Maximum £500 per local group per month (to make sure many different groups can benefit)


How much money do you still have left to disburse?

Our collective page will show in real time how much money we have left in our account. Hopefully we will find more funders over time so that we can continue to support all local groups of climate movements.

How many expenses can we file?

Each group can file up to 4 expenses totaling no more than £500 per month.

Who can file the expense?

Whoever made the expense and needs to be reimbursed.

How am I going to be reimbursed?

We use PayPal. We are considering other payout methods but at the moment and to make sure that we can scale this, we only support PayPal.

What about transparency and privacy?

The description, amount and recipient of all expenses are publicly posted on our collective page. The actual receipt or invoice is not public as it often contains private information.

If you don’t want your name to be publicly attached to the expense, you can use a pseudonym.

Why UK only?

It's a pilot. We would love to do it in Europe, in the US and elsewhere. If you want to start such fund in your region, please let us know, we will help you!

How this came about?

We are a collective of citizens that have been contributing to different movements for the climate. We have realised that our respective movements share some common issues. One of them is securing relatively small amounts of funding at short notice. We collaborated on weekly calls to understand how we could solve this issue and this is our first trial. We hope that it will help all of you who are already doing so much for the climate.

Thank you all for your work 🙏

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