How to apply with your collective

Step 1

Apply on and add at least a second administrator (aka core contributor) of another gender.

Please have a look at the few conditions before you consider applying.

Step 2

Check your mailbox, after a couple of days. The AllForClimate team will reach out to you to schedule an 'onboarding call'. In this 30 minute call we meet face to face, we answer questions and help you launch you collective. After this call, we approve your application.

Step 3

Ready to go. You now have access to your own workspace, and you get your own URL like this one: or this one

This will become your landing page. Use this URL in your communication to backers and sponsers, and to members of your collectives if they need to upload an expense.

Administrators will be able to fully manage the collective from this page, approve expenses, change settings etc.

Need help?

Don't ever hesitate to reach out if any questions arise And the help pages of OpenCollective have proven their value as well :-)

Whenever you have an expense, you can file it on that page. One of the admins of your group will have to approve the expense (up to you to define who should be the admins, you can easily change them anytime. We recommend doing a rotation to follow the XR principle of actively mitigating for power).

Once a week, the people managing the fiscal host (“All For Climate ASBL”), go over all the approved expenses to actually reimburse them (or pay directly the vendor if you submitted an invoice instead of a receipt). The fiscal host has no decision making power. As long as the receipt/invoice is legal and approved by one of the admins of your group, it will be paid.

To add money to your group (aka collective), people can make one time donations by bank transfer for free (to the IBAN number of the non profit entity). They need to go through the interface so that they can receive the bank details by email along with a unique number so that the fiscal host can attach the money received to your collective. The donor can also control the way they want to be displayed publicly (they can opt to remain incognito or to use the name they want).

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