Building a learning network

General assemblies

All for Climate is growing fast. It hosts over 170 collectives all over Europe. The first general assembly was held in June 2020, the second one is planned in September 2020. We are planning on organising at least 4 general assemblies a year.

The goal of these assemblies is threefold:

  • getting to know each other

  • make decisions togehter and improve All for Climate

  • share experience and knowledge to make every single collective stronger and more succesful.

The planet is simply relying on how effective all movements on climate and climate justice are. AllForClimate wants to fully use the collective wisdom of all collectives to become more succesful in facing the climate emergency.

Assemblies on different topics

The AllForClimate collective is planning a series of assemblies on different topics related to creating collectives and managing them. More info to follow.

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