All for Climate

Principles & values

All collectives part of the All for Climate community share those values and principles.
Welcoming spirit: People are the energy and wisdom of our network. We welcome people from all backgrounds with kindness and equally value everyone's ideas, opinions and even disagreements.
Conversation: The basis of our community building. No tool can replace listening to each other and our needs and creating networks and connections to help each other get started.
Sustainability: We want to leave the planet in a better state than we found it. We view environmental sustainability as intergenerational and build a better future together.
Exploration: We iterate and look at our work with a beginner's mindset. We create a safe and brave space for new forms of activism, new narratives and ways to interact toward a regenerative world.
Transparency: Following the principles of open source, we share everything we do freely and openly and use feedback as a way to grow.
Gratitude: We deeply respect people's work and are grateful for all their contributions. We are aware of the time and energy their work requires and always look for ways to reward them.