Principles & values
Activists should be doing activism, not paperwork, reporting or accounting

We are a learning network

We are network of learning collectives and movements. We support and help each other, try to share our expertise and learn from each other, in order to become more succesful in our fight for a more sustainable society. We don't judge, making mistakes is an opportunity to learn.

We trust by default

We are all fighting for a more sustainable society for our communities. We trust by default.

We are transparent

We need everyone’s help. But people can only contribute to something that they can see. That’s why we do everything in the open and we invite you to do the same. Whenever you have a question, it’s better to post it publicly on our collective. Other people may have the same question now or later. Our budget and all our expenses are also public on our collective page.

We are here to help

It is the simple reason why we exist: help collectives, active citizens to be successful in what they do. We try to take away some admin pains, and connect to others. It is our contribution to a changing world.

We are sustainable

Favor the local economy, rent instead of buying if you can to make sure that objects are used at their full capacity. If you buy, buy second hand and/or sustainable material.

We respect and value the work of people

Most work done in movements and collectives is unpaid. We value and have huge respect for this time and effort.