How to donate

Making donations to support the All For Climate collective (the working group managing the fiscal host, or to one of the collectives, can be done in three ways:

  • bank transfer

  • credit card

  • paypal

  • crypto (only for collectives that opted in)

The procedure always starts in the same way. Click on the donation button and choose the amount you want to give. Create an account, donate incognito or as a guest. Pick your payment method and follow the steps.

By Bank Transfer

If you want to donate by bank transfer, you receive further instructions via email at the end of your donation process. The donation is only final when the actual bank transfer has been made. Look out for an email with the subject 'ACTION RECQUIRED'.

‌Example of instruction email:

Reference/Communication in the bank transfer: please use the OrderId number (= transaction number) that you will receive in this instruction email. This will help us reconcile your donation and allocate it to the right collective hosted by AllForClimate.

All For Climate ASBL

10 Cantersteen 1000 Brussels


IBAN: BE54 8918 7411 4597

Bank: VDK Swift: VDSPBE22

By credit card

Go directly to one of the collectives that you would love to support on You will be able to enter your credit card details. Note: there is a 5% platform fee + credit card fees (see Stripe).

By PayPal

Go directly to one of the collectives that you would love to support on Choose PayPal as payment method and follow the steps. The usual PayPal transactions fees apply.

By using crypto

Different projects for climate have different opinions on using crypto to raise funds. As a common infrastructure, we are not here to convince anyone, we are here to support people that want to experiment.

That's why, only the collectives that expressively ask for it can receive donations in crypto.

Collectives that you can support using crypto:

  • All for Climate (allforclimate.eth on Ethereum or Polygon, 0x4BD5c5e68f03E9db23FcFa3391013988D3752008 on CELO)

  • Artists for Climate (artistsforclimate.eth on Ethereum)

  • ReFI DAO (refidao.eth on Ethereum)

  • ReFI Spring (refispring.eth on Ethereum, 0x78fAeCD5e33141B47b99a075aaD83f885431E297 on CELO)

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