How to get money on your balance

To add money to your collective balance, people can make donations by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

First step is to communicate the url of your collective to your potential donors. Add the link to your website, facebookpage and other social media channels. Do this regularly.

Remind donators they can donate money incognito, if they don't want their name to show up in the transaction list.

By credit card 💳

Invite your potential donors to go to your collective page (e.g. There, they can make a one time or recurring donation using their credit card. Note: there is a 5% platform fee + credit card fees (see Stripe).

By PayPal

Invite donors to go to your collective page. In the contributing process, there will the option 'donate with PayPal'. The usual PayPal fees apply.

By bank transfer 🏦

Bank transfers are only available for one time donations. The donor can first select a non recurring tier on your collective page and then they will get the option to make a bank transfer (they can also directly go to /donate, e.g. They will then receive by email the instructions to make the bank transfer to the bank account of the fiscal host along with a unique OrderId so that we can properly allocate the money to your collective when we receive it.

All For Climate charges a 3% platform fee on all donations.

When collectives apply for grants of subsidies, there is more back office work. We take care of the paperwork and are responsible for signing contracts. This is why we charge 5% for grants.

You can directly append the amount of the donation to the /donate url, e.g. to ask for a €20 donation, or to ask for a €5 monthly donation.

Tips 💡

  • Nobody wants to be the first (is it safe? Is it the official account?), so ask people from your community to chip in, even the smallest possible amount.

  • Add to your email and newsletter signature a link to donate to your collective

  • Try to get people to make a recurring donation. It will add up over time and it will give you a recurring revenue to plan your activities. If they support you today, they will likely want to support you tomorrow. But they won't go through the process of donating again. So better to get them directly on a recurring tier so that they can set it up once and forget about it (they can cancel anytime).


What if a donor is asking for our bank details first?

If they can't follow the usual process (see above), we recommend you to do it for them. Make a one time donation to your collective as a "new organization" (and enter their name and website url) and select "bank transfer" as the payment method. You will receive the email with all the instructions that you can then simply forward to them. All our bank details are also here, but watch out, if they make a donation without an OrderId, it will be considered as a donation for all collectives for climate justice that we are hosting.

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