All for Climate

Welcome to the documentation of the All for Climate Collective

Who are we?

We are a collective of people who help various groups for climate justice. There are many issues that all the movements have in common and we are trying to solve them :-)

What do we do?

We offer different services to any group raising awareness around the climate justice issues including local groups of various movements for the climate such as #FridaysForFuture, ExtinctionRebellion, ...

Fiscal sponsorship

Local groups often don't have the resources to create a non profit or manage a bank account to receive financial contributions. We have created a non profit based in Brussels that can act as a fiscal sponsor for them. We use the Open Collective platform to keep a public record of all the transactions.

Fund raising

It's difficult for existing foundations, family offices and other donors to make financial contributions to the various movements for the climate. Most of them don't have a bank account where you can wire money because they don't have a central administration. They also don't have the capacity to file an application process, not to mention the required reporting. Activists should do activism, not accounting, administration, etc.

We are currently working on a pilot project in the UK to enable foundations to create a pot of money to cover printing expenses for local groups for the climate. That way activists can quickly get funding by simply filing their expenses with a proof that it was used for the intended purpose. It's magic 💫