All for Climate

Welcome to the documentation of All for Climate, a home for active citizens working towards a regenerative future.

Who are we?

We are part of various movements and citizen initiatives for climate justice. We are coming together to support each other and develop commons for all of us, tools and documentation that can be useful to all climate justice initiatives, groups and projects.

Join our community on Discord, introduce yourself and let us know how we can help you!

What is our mission?

Our mission is to connect everyone willing to contribute to a regenerative future, and to support them emotionally, financially and logistically.

Whether you are active in your neighbourhood, active in a climate activist group, active as a community builder online or offline, you are welcome to meet like minded and like hearted people. We meet each other in our Discord ( You will find a vibrant community of beautiful souls, organising various activities to learn and work together. All calls are open to attend, don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions!

Our services

For climate initiatives:

A shared non profit to raise funds and pay for your expenses

When a group starts organising, they often don't have the resources to create a non profit, open and manage a bank account and keep track of financial transactions. A fiscal host takes away this problem.

We have created a non profit based in Brussels that can act as a fiscal host for any group acting for climate justice. Collectives can use our bank account to receive donations (in euros), spend money and use All for Climate as a legal entity when applying for funding.

To provide this service, we use the Open Collective platform. The platform enables all collectives to operate in full transparency and full autonomy. Each collective can self organise: the administrators of the collectives keep total ownership over their expense policies. Because all transactions are transparent, everybody in the community has access to a clear overview of where the money is coming from and where it is going. Donors and foundations love to support initiatives on All for Climate because of this guarantee of transparency.

For private donors, foundations and public institutions:

A transparent way to support grassroots initiatives

It's difficult for existing foundations, family offices and other donors to make financial contributions to the various movements for climate. Most of them don't have a bank account where you can wire money because they don't have central administration. They also don't always have the capacity to file an application process, not to mention the required reporting. Activists should do activism, not accounting, administration, etc.

By going through All for Climate to support an initiative for climate justice financially, you are guaranteed to have a proper financial reporting on how the money has been spent on the ground, without requiring the project leaders to go through the pain of setting up their own non profit entity.

We are currently working on a pilot project in the UK to enable foundations to create a pot of money to cover printing expenses for local groups for the climate. That way activists can quickly get funding by simply filing their expenses with a proof that it was used for the intended purpose. It's magic 💫

Foundations and government agencies that have already donated to various collectives on All for Climate:

Some use cases:

  • European Climate Foundation and Gower Street fund a collective to reimburse printing expenses for grassroots climate movements in the UK. More info.

  • Guerrilla Foundation supports Collective Y?!, Baltic's based initiative organising activities for climate & social justice. We want to promote intersectionality and respond to needs of local groups.

  • Brussels Mobility supports a micromobility center and a citizen initiative to build a custom bicycle shed (The Citizen Bike Garden)

For DAOs (crypto projects for climate)

We can also act as a bridge between the world of crypto and the real world. Crypto can be a powerful way to raise money and coordinate efforts. But at some point, you need to put that money to work on the ground. All for Climate can help your DAO manage its expenses in euros in a transparent way.

We also work with Gitcoin to help climate projects raise money with crypto. More info.

Some use cases:

  • Celo Foundation / Climate Collective supports ReFI Spring, collective to foster Regenerative Finance through in-person and online events.

  • Regens Unite DAO raises funds with Gitcoin Grants to organise in person events to bring regens from a wide range of sectors together

  • Ayowecca Uganda raised funds using Gitcoin to plant fruit trees in 64 schools and 40 health centers in the Tororo District.

We believe crypto currencies and blockchains can help us achieve "System Change, not Climate Change". Join us on our discord to chat more!

Practical information

Official address

All For Climate ASBL 10 Cantersteen 1000 Brussels Belgium

Bank account details

IBAN: BE54 8918 7411 4597 Bank: VDK Swift: VDSPBE22

*Do not transfer donations directly to our bank account. Please use the platfrom and donation boxes of the collective you want to support (otherwise we do not know which collective you want to support).


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