All for Climate

Welcome to the documentation of the All for Climate Collective

Who are we?

We are a collective of people who help various groups for climate justice. There are many issues that all the movements have in common and we are trying to solve them :-)

What do we do?

We offer different services to any collective working on climate and social justice issues. Most important service is fiscal sponsorship, but we also offer advise on financial policies, we look for new ways to set up ad hoc funding and we grow into a great learning network of collectives all over Europe.

Fiscal sponsorship

Why fiscal sponsorship? How does this help collectives? When collectives start organising, they often don't have the resources (read: time to go through the administration) to create a non profit, open and manage a bank account and keep track of financial transaction. A fiscal host takes away this problem.

All For Climate is a fully legal non profit based in Brussels that can act as a fiscal sponsor for collectives. Collectives can use our bank account to receive donations (in euro's) and spend money (all over the world) and use All For Climate as a legal entity to whenever needed, e.g. when applying for funding.

To manage this, and provide the service, we use the Open Collective platform. The platform provides for all collectives hosted by All For Climate full autonomy and self regulation. Adminstrators of the collectives keep total ownership over their finance policies, approval of expenses and a clear view on donations. All transactions are transparant. At the end of each month, collectives receive the full report automatically in their mailboxes, which makes an end to all manual recording of expenses and donations.

Our address and bank account

All For Climate ASBL 10 Cantersteen 1000 Brussels Belgium IBAN: BE54 8918 7411 4597 Bank: VDK Swift: VDSPBE22

Fund raising

It's difficult for existing foundations, family offices and other donors to make financial contributions to the various movements for the climate. Most of them don't have a bank account where you can wire money because they don't have a central administration. They also don't have the capacity to file an application process, not to mention the required reporting. Activists should do activism, not accounting, administration, etc.

We are currently working on a pilot project in the UK to enable foundations to create a pot of money to cover printing expenses for local groups for the climate. That way activists can quickly get funding by simply filing their expenses with a proof that it was used for the intended purpose. It's magic 💫