For 6 months All for Climate operated for free. On the general assembly in June 2020, we had a long discussion on making All for Climate sustainable. The pricing plan is a result of that. It was implented on 1 August 2020, and was reviewed in the general assembly of October 2020. With the rising costs of the accountant and general inflation, we decided in August 2023 to raise the host fees for grants to 5%.

Host fee

Starting from 15 August 2023


The cheapest way to donate money is by a simple bank transfer. If you pay €10 ... €9,70 ends up on the balance of the collective. 3% goes to the All For Climate collective to pay for operating costs. (Check our collective balance here, all transactions are transparent)

When using Credit card or PayPal, additional fees apply for those services. These fees go to Stripe (credit card) or to PayPal, not to All for Climate.

One time donations

Monthly donations

Pay out





Credit card



3% + PayPal fees


PayPal fees


When collectives apply for grants of subsidies, there is more back office work. We take care of the paperwork and are responsible for signing contracts. This is why we charge 5% for grants.

Platform tips?

With every donations it is optional to give a tip to the platform we use for our fiscal hosting activities. This platform is called Open Collective. You can find more info on Open Collective here.

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