Fundraising with Facebook

Fundraising via Facebook

All for Climate is recognized as a charity organisation by Facebook. That makes fundraising via the facebook 'donate' button possible, not only for All for Climate, also for all members of the collectives. Think birthdayfundraisers or fundraisers for a specific facebookevent.

How to organise this?

Step 1

Visit the All for Climate facebookpage: Don't forget to like the page if you haven't done so 👍🏽

Step 2

Create a fundraiser on the homepage. Click the button 'Raise money'.

Step 3: Adjust information

Step 4: tell your friends!

Share your fundraiser on your facebookpage, on other social media platforms and in your networks!! Motivate people to donate by giving a personal message: why are you so involved in this collective? Why is it so important to you? And what will be done with the money?

People only donate to stories that they resonate with, stories they care about!

Step 5: your fundraiser is over

Facebook transfers monthly the money that has been raised to the AllForClimate bank account. Facebook does not take any fees on donations to charity organisations. As soon as the money has arrived, it will be transferred to your collective's balance manually.


👉🏼 What we still need to figure out is what happens when a lot of fundraisers happen at the same time. Right now we only had one, so it was very clear which collective collected some money. Keep a close eye on this page for extra updates while we learn. And please ... help us find out. Start a fundraiser and give us feedback!! 🙏🏽

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