For 6 months AllForClimate operated for free. On the general assembly in June, we had a long discussion on making AllForClimate sustainable. The pricing plan is a result of that. It wil start on 1 August 2020, and will be reviewed in October 2020 (next general assembly).

Host fee

Starting from 1 August 2020 - for test period of three months

One time donations

Monthly donations

Pay out





Credit card

3% + stripe fees

3% + stripe fees



3% + PayPal fees


PayPal fees




TransferWise fees

Membership plans

Next to that we introduce three membership plans. There is a big difference in budget and activity of collectives. The first goal of All For Climate is to make sure all these collectives can exist and do what they need to do. Collectives can choose between:

  • free membership: your transactions are processed once a month (checking donations and reimbursing expenses).

  • 15 euros a month: your transactions are processed once every two weeks

  • 50 euros a month: transactions are processed within a couple of days, all time availability for advice and help. This is for collectives that are very active and have a lot of members, need to do international payments, and/or have a budget over 3.000 euros.

The membership plans can be changed at all times. We trust collectives to acknowledge the work of the administrators of All for Climate. We know activities and work can vary each month. That is why the membership plan can change following the context and activities of the collective. We know these activities can vary each month.